Our Top 10 Residential Landscaping Tips, Tricks And Solutions

There are a variety of tips and tricks you can use when you begin your landscaping project. The first step is to make a drawing of how you want your landscaping laid out in your yard. Without a plan, it will be difficult to create your dream gardens. Shop for your plants at wholesale nursery [...]

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Do I Have To Use Wood Chips Around Trees?

Trees are a wonderful feature for any landscape style. They’re very functional and can provide shade or food. They also provide beauty and effect in a landscape. However, trees require care much different from most plants. Many of them are highly sensitive to drought, so it’s important to make sure that your trees maintain adequate [...]

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Our Top 20 Favorite Front And Back Yard Gardens

Front and backyard gardens improve the look of your home. It takes a lot of planning to create a beautiful look. You can find landscaping plans in books and on the Internet. Choose a design that works well with your lifestyle. If you have a backyard pool, the gardens will look best with a tropical [...]

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Always Have These 10 Tools On Hand When Landscaping

Tools for landscaping are a necessity if you want to do the job right. Here are 10 tools that are needed when working on landscape. Square Mouth Shovel This shovel features curved sides for handling big loads. It’s used to lift aggregates and cement. Trench Shovel This shovel is great for digging channels for drainage. [...]

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Our Top 10 Tips For Selecting A Professional Landscaper

1. Look for a company that offers affordable rates so that you won’t spend too much on landscaping. 2. Read online customer reviews about the landscaping company that you are considering. 3. Ask the landscaper to give you examples of his or her work. 4. Sit down and talk to the landscaper to see if [...]

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